FSOF 2017–18 Auditions

Auditions close 5 PM, July 3, 2017

Auditions will be submitted by electronic recording.
Make a single audio recording and submit it by carefully following the directions below and on the Upload page. Your file must meet these criteria: 5 MB max, 128kbps MP3 format only, include YOUR NAME in the filename.

Audition materials: 2017 Audition packet (PDF)

Before applying, please review the mandatory dates for the 2017–2018 season.

  • August 4-6: FSOF Retreat, Lithia/Tampa
  • September 16-17: Fall Concert and Honor Choir, Orlando
  • January 6-7: Rehearsal Weekend, Orlando
  • February 2-3: Winter Concert, Orlando
  • February 23: ACDA Performance in Louisville, KY
  • June 20-28: FSOF Kenya Tour (optional)

Begin the recording by stating your name and voice part.

    1. Sing your voice part from the word “Knowing” to the end: quarter note = 72, a cappella
    2. Sing exercise #1 (quarter=80) legato using syllable “ah” mezzo forte, then forte, then piano
    3. Sing exercise #2 using syllable “ah” beginning in your middle register, repeating one half-step higher until you reach the upper limits of your useful range.
    4. Sing exercise #3 on vowel of your choice beginning in middle register, repeating one half-step lower until you reach the lower limit of your useful range.
    5. Those who have NOT been in FSOF before should also submit a prepared solo of your choice (60-90 seconds of an art song or aria) with piano accompaniment.
    6. Save your audio in 128kbps MP3 format, ensuring your name appears somewhere in the filename (e.g.: FSOF Audition – Your Name.mp3). The maximum file size is 5 megabytes or about 1 MB per minute.

Please note: Technical support is not available for the recording process. FSOF recommends the use of Audacity (with MP3 export plugin), or GarageBand, to create your recording. We DO NOT recommend using an iPad, phone,  or portable device unless you can verify your file meets the recording criteria including a high sound quality (possibly via the use of an external microphone)

After you have created your audition file following the instructions above, visit the Audition Upload page and carefully follow the directions to submit only ONE file.