Inspired to Sing — Singing to Inspire

The Festival Singers of Florida is a highly select, annually-auditioned choral ensemble consisting of women and men from throughout Florida and the Southeast. Our mission is to present choral music at the highest level of excellence and to provide an artistic outlet and promote musical growth for outstanding singers in the region. The Festival Singers of Florida is dedicated to expanding the awareness and appreciation of ensemble singing and the choral arts by providing community performances of the highest quality.

Most members of the The Festival Singers of Florida are music teachers. And most of them teach elementary, middle, and high school choirs, while a few are college choral directors. Others are private voice professors, opera company members, and various other musical professionals. These dedicated singers learn music on their own and gather a few weekends a year to rehearse and perform. Members are not paid, and some drive as much as a thousand miles round-trip, for the opportunity to sing with the Festival Singers. It’s the potential to create music with  people who share the same passion that generates the electric feeling our audiences enjoy.

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